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February 14, 2015
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The Art of Standing: Three Points on a Line



In the practice of Chen style and all tai chi styles, correct posture and precise structural alignment are vital to cultivate pure relaxation.  This is the art of standing, and it involves lining up three points on a line that is in the vertical plane (ie- in line with gravity).

Stand with your feet shoulder wide and parallel, body upright and relaxed, arms hanging naturally by your sides.

The 3 points are as follows (red dots in drawing):

  1. BAI HUI – the point at the very top of your head
  2. HUI YIN – the point where your legs join your torso – the perineum
  3. YONG QUAN – draw an imaginary line on the ground connecting the two YONG QUAN points (on the bottom of the feet just lateral to the ball of the foot). The third point is midway between the 2 YONG QUAN points on the ground.

Stand with your eyes closed, relax, and breathe naturally. Focus your intention on each of these 3 points until you can truly feel each one. Once you can actually feel these 3 points, then visualize them forming a vertical line from the front and from the side. When you can do this, you will have achieved the correct alignment that allows your body to fully relax.

Practice this a little each day until it becomes familiar, and it will get easier. Once you can feel this alignment, then practice it in other postures and then while moving. This is a major key in developing relaxation, balance, stability, rooting, and the ability to move easily from one posture to another.

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