Dr. Bacher leading a taiji group in the park in Jiyuan, China


On March 19, 1969 I saw a friend get beat up by five bullies and decided it might be a good idea to learn some self defense.

That evening my father took me to observe a karate class. The moment I entered that school, I knew I had found my path in life.  What I did not know was to what extent it would affect every aspect of my life.

I had my first karate class the next day, and since then have practiced martial arts faithfully every day. I opened my first school when I was 19 years old.

Martial arts have taken me around the world many times as student and teacher.  My thirst for learning eventually led me to Chen Family Village, China, the birthplace of taiji, to study directly under 19th generation Grandmaster Wang Xi’an, who I esteem as the greatest taiji master alive today.

Master Wang taught me the true meaning of taiji for cultivating health and self defense. After years of intensive training with him, he authorized me to teach, with express instructions to teach his Chen style taiji in the west.

Today I continue to practice taiji every day with the same enthusiasm and joy as the day I started, and teach taiji’s original principles and training methods as I learned from Master Wang.

Teaching taiji is a wonderful way to help people reclaim their health and vitality, and to cultivate internal balance.

My goals:

To always strive to achieve the highest level of skill in taiji.

To be the absolute best teacher that I can be.

To share the beauty and health giving properties of taiji with as many people as I can.

Dr. Bacher