Transformational Tai Chi Immersions in Costa Rica

Reconnect with nature and focus on developing a deep and transformational Tai Chi practice.

Upcoming Immersions
  • January 7 - 14, 2024
  • February 4 - 11, 2024
  • March 3 - 10, 2024
  • April 7 - 14, 2024
  • May 5 - 12, 2024
  • June 2 - 9, 2024

Are you looking to get away and deepen your practice of Tai Chi?

Our Tai Chi Costa Rica Immersions focus on small groups to guarantee you the highest quality of personalized tai chi instruction. Whether you are a beginner or more experienced practitioner you will receive instruction appropriate to your level of practice.

  • 6 days of Tai Chi training - 2 classes per day (90 minutes each)
  • Personalized teaching in a small group setting
  • Surrounded by natural beauty and beaches

Benefits of Your Tai Chi Immersion

  • Develop a strong body and calm mind
  • Learn how to “let go” of tension
  • Develop self confidence
  • Achieve vibrant health for life
  • Restore joint mobility
  • Experience higher energy levels
  • Reverse the “normal” aging process
  • Attain powerful concentration

Costa Rica - Location and Accommodation

Cabinas Las Gemelas

Cabinas Las Gemelas is a local family owned business with a handful of cabinas situated on farm land and a minute walk to the beach.

Your accommodations are cheerful, quiet, clean, and secure. Your cabina has an outdoor kitchen along with a private bath, wifi, and AC.

Cabinas Las Gemelas is just outside the main village and a few minutes walk to the supermarket and restaurants.

Your hostess Xinia, and her son Alonso, always greet you with warm friendly smiles, and are happy to accommodate you and make sure you enjoy your stay.

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Pavones, Costa Rica

Pavones is an enchanting village located directly on the Pacific Ocean in the southwestern region of Costa Rica.  A step back in time, this quiet little town is surrounded by pristine beaches, lush mountains, primeval rain forests, exotic wildlife, and a huge sense of connection to Nature. Pavones is the perfect setting to totally immerse yourself in the practice of tai chi.

What's Included in your Tai Chi Immersion?

  • Round trip transfer to local airport
  • 7 nights lodging at Cabinas Las Gemelas
  • 6 days tai chi training
  • 2 ninety minute classes each day
  • Personalized teaching in a small group setting
You Will Learn...
  • The 3 Principles for a Successful Tai Chi Practice
  • Special Tai Chi Breathing Method
  • How to Align Your Body with Gravity
  • Tai Chi Stances and Footwork
  • Single and Double Hand Silk Reeling
  • Chen Style Tai Chi Solo Form
  • How to Practice at Home