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June 15, 2015
Tai Chi Retreats in Costa Rica – Part 2
June 19, 2015
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Tai Chi Retreats in Costa Rica – Part 1


The purpose of this article is to describe how to visit Costa Rica and to learn tai chi in paradise.



The village of Pavones, Costa Rica is paradise.  It may take a little while for this to sink in… but don’t worry – in a day or so you will figure it out…

When the anti-culture shock sinks in, what you will realize is, this is where you always dreamed of landing!  Pavones is turquoise waters, shimmering green mountains, empty beaches, and pristine rain forests – all in one place.  If that is not enough to get you thinking about cashing in your return plane ticket, then wait til you see a Pavones sunset! And another… and another…  Each afternoon it becomes the most important thing on your list of things to do (this is a short list in paradise, because wherever you are, is exactly where you are supposed to be!)



When you take a walk on the beach here, what you will realize is, after walking for say an hour, that you didn’t pass another person.  And that it is this way every day.  Also you will notice that you did not see any buildings along the beach.  Basically what you see is coconut palms, crashing waves, an occasional dolphin jumping (whales too!), and a fleet of scarlet macaws flying over screeching quite loudly…  thats it.  Isn’t that enough?



Pavones is a place where you come to do nothing.  Relax.  Breathe.  Explore tide pools at low tide.  Open a coconut and feast on it.  In a few days you will master the art of doing nothing!

Are you starting to get the picture?

Now about adding tai chi to this picture…

chen style tai chi retreat


I can not think of a more beautiful place anywhere in the world to fully immerse yourself in the practice of tai chi.  Anywhere you go here is a perfect place to practice tai chi!  I personally have hundreds of favorite spots that are perfect for practice.

Tai chi is an art in which we fully immerse ourselves – mind, body, and spirit.  To practice in such an environment is so easy, and so natural, and so… right!

But I will not attempt to convince you any more.  Come visit.  Convince yourself.

And think about tearing up that roundtrip return ticket.  Thats what I did.  Fifteen years ago…

I would like to invite you to Pavones for a visit and to learn some tai chi.

I can assure you it will be an adventure you will always remember.

And when it is time to go home, it is pretty certain you will be planning your next visit.

How do I know this?

Because every person I have met who visited here the last fifteen years told me the same thing!

In Tai Chi Retreats in Costa Rica – Part 2, I will explain all the details you will need to know to come for a visit and to learn tai chi.

For now, let us just say that visiting Costa Rica is much easier that you think!

Pura Vida and hasta pronto (see you soon!)

Dr. Bob


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