Welcome to Wang Xi’an Tai Chi Retreat Center in Costa Rica!

Discover the wonderful benefits of original Chen style tai chi for health, healing, and self defense in Costa Rica paradise!

We are located in the southern Pacific region of Costa Rica in the beautiful, tranquil village of Pavones.

Come alone or bring your own private group for a life transforming tai chi retreat, and explore the stunningly beautiful Nature that surrounds you here – ocean, pristine beaches, mountains, and an abundance of wildlife (exotic birds, butterflies, monkeys, sloths, dolphins, whales…)



Your Chen style tai chi retreat includes one or two tai chi classes daily depending on the retreat package that you choose. You will learn original Chen style taijiquan (tai chi), Grandmaster Wang Xi’an System. This includes tai chi basics, solo form, partner training, and Tai Chi Qigong for health, healing, and self defense. You will learn at the pace that is perfectly comfortable for you.

Click here to view our tai chi training curriculum.



Your retreat includes 7 nights lodging at Cabinas Las Gemelas . We accept a maximum of 6 students per week.  Shared lodging allows up to three students per room.

For those who would like an alternative place for lodging, we highly recommend Pavones Riviera . If you decide to stay at Pavones Riviera, you can contact them directly for reservations once we have confirmed your retreat dates.



Your will feast on a delicious, organic, tropical fruit platter with freshly made coconut milk for breakfast each morning during your retreat!



You choose between our two Tai Chi Retreats (both retreat packages include daily tai chi training, lodging, and breakfast):

Tai Chi Basic Retreat – Includes one 2 hour tai chi class daily for 6 days (total 12 hours training)………. $790 US.

Tai Chi ALP (Accelerated Learning Program) – Includes two 2 hour tai chi classes daily for 6 days (total 24 hours training)………. $1,390 US.

Private one-on-one training by appointment is $100 US per hour.



Here is a great website to get the best flights to Costa Rica at the best prices: www.justfly.com

Fly to San Jose, Costa Rica (not San Jose, California!)

From San Jose you have several options how to get to Pavones:

  1. I will arrange for my driver with a large, comfortable van to welcome you at the airport in San Jose and drive you to Pavones (6 – 7 hour drive through the mountains and by the ocean). Van can take up to 6 passengers. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!
  2. Fly to GOLFITO (approximately 1 hour flight) with Sansa Airlines, then a taxi to Pavones.
  3. Take the bus (Tracopa) from San Jose to Paso Canoas (approximately 7 hours) and then a taxi to Pavones (one hour) or bus to Pavones (2 hours).
  4. Rent a car in San Jose and drive to Pavones (6 – 7 hours).



  • Entry to Costa Rica requires a valid passport.  No visa is required for US citizens.
  • All businesses accept US dollars here and most accept credit cards.  So you do not need to exchange money.
  • When you purchase something, you will receive change back in Costa Rica currency (called “colones”).
  • Most people here speak English, especially service people, taxi drivers, etc.
  • Pavones is “the beach”, so pack accordingly – swim suits, shorts, t-shirts, beach sandals, sunglasses, hat, sun block… and good hiking or walking shoes.
  • Make SURE to bring a reusable water bottle and shopping bag – help us eliminate plastic waste!
  • Pavones is a rain forest environment so you may want to bring some rain weather clothes and umbrella… also bring a flashlight.
  • There are several restaurants here and they accommodate any diet type.  We have a few small supermarkets where you can get everything, and a few trucks each week you can buy fresh fruits and vegetables directly from them…
  • Both Pavones Riviera and Cabinas Las Gemelas have kitchens, so you do not have to eat out.

Book your Chen Style Tai Chi Retreat today!

Contact us at chenti@mac.com  with your preferred retreat dates and number of people attending (maximum 6 people per week).

We will respond within 24 hours to confirm availability, with complete details how to book your tai chi retreat, travel information, etc.