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July 19, 2015
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Tai Chi Character Development

Tai Chi Character Development

Tai Chi is a form of wushu (martial art).  Interwoven within the curriculum of martial art training is a strict code of living which cultivates virtue.  We call this tai chi character development, and it is essential if one wants to grow and develop through a martial art.

Master Wang Xi’an is a living example of this virtuous way of life.  He says it is absolutely necessary to cultivate sincere humility, honest perseverance, tolerance and acceptance of opinions of others, and seriousness of interpersonal relationships.

10 Self Attributes Resulting From Tai Chi Training

  1. Self Discipline
  2. Self Respect
  3. Self Defense
  4. Self Health & Healing
  5. Self Esteem/Self Love
  6. Self Control
  7. Self Confidence
  8. Self Understanding/Awareness/Knowledge
  9. Self Reliance/Fulfillment
  10. Self Motivation/Determination

When one practices tai chi/martial arts sincerely, these qualities will naturally express themselves, and will be of great benefit in the daily life.

How valuable is it for children to learn these qualities early on?  How important will they be in forming their character?  Children are the future.  This training must be available to all children.

I am in the process of instituting a tai chi program for children in the school system.  I have several schools interested in a pilot program which will begin shortly.

When the program is in place, I will publish an article with the results of my pilot program.  So please stay tuned!

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