Dr. Bacher leading a taiji group in the park in Jiyuan, China


In 1969 I saw a friend get beat up by five bullies and decided to learn self defense.  That evening my father took me to a karate school.  I had my first class the next day, and since then have practiced martial arts every day.

Martial arts have taken me around the world as student and teacher, and eventually led me to Chen Village, China to study directly with Grandmaster Wang Xi’an.  After years training with him, he authorized me to teach his Chen style taiji in the west.

I practice taiji every day with the same enthusiasm and joy as the first day, and teach as I learned from Master Wang.  Taiji is a wonderful way to cultivate health, vitality, balance, and longevity.

My goals:

To strive to achieve more skill and understanding in taiji.

To be the best teacher I can.

To share the beauty and health giving properties of taiji with all who are interested.

Dr. Bacher