Kai He Qigong
Kai He Qigong – Part 1: Breathing Method
March 13, 2016
Standing – Part 1
April 5, 2016
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Kai He Qigong – Part 2: Open Close Method
Kai He Qigong


Kai He Qigong translates to Open Close Energy Skill.  This qigong system is good for both health and healing, and building power for martial arts.  It is especially beneficial for people with joint injuries and arthritis, but not limited to the skeletal structure.  Once learned properly and practiced regularly, it can be used to relieve and heal basically any type of pain or degenerative conditions.

Below I explain the Open Close Method step by step.  This qigong exercise increases the Qi and blood circulation and acts to pump fresh synovial fluid back into the joint space, hence reversing/healing degenerative joints and the “normal” aging process!

Kai He Qigong – Part 1  explains the breathing method.  Make sure to read that article also.

Open Close Method

  1. Sit on the edge of a chair (sits bones on the edge), feet shoulder width and parallel.  Back straight but relaxed – Bai Hui (uppermost point on the top of your head) feels as if it is suspended from above.  Rest your palms on your knees and let your elbows feel heavy (fangsong). RELAX!!!
  2. Inhale (use the same breathing method as in Part 1 above) and imagine/visualize your entire body “shrinking” /getting smaller towards your Dantian.
  3. Exhale and imagine/visualize your entire body expanding out /getting bigger in all directions from your Dantian.  ALL OF THIS IS DONE WITH YI, NOT LI!  THERE IS NO OUTSIDE MOVEMENT AND NO PHYSICAL TENSION WHILE PRACTICING THIS!!!  ALL FROM YOUR INTENTION.
    Practice this for a while until it is smooth and comfortable and without strain…
  4. Next, focus your full intention (Yi) on your right wrist.
    Inhale and imagine/visualize your right wrist joint “shrinking”/getting smaller (the bones in your wrist contracting towards each other).
  5. Exhale and imagine/visualize your right wrist joint getting bigger (the bones in your wrist expanding away from each other). REMEMBER – NO TENSION OR MUSCLE CONTRACTION – YOUR BODY STAYS COMPLETELY RELAXED!
  6. Practice this for a while until it is smooth and comfortable and without strain…
  7. Once you can feel your right wrist “pulsing” open and close, then do the same with your left wrist.
  8. Once you can feel your left wrist “pulsing”, then practice with each joint in your body individually until you feel the same “pulsing” action – the joint will literally feel as if it is opening and closing!

This is the complete method of Kai He Qigong.  Practice for a while until you can “pulse” – open and close any joint in your body just by focusing your Yi.  Then expand this to any part of your body.  If you strain a muscle, open and close it.  If you stub your toe, pulse it!  Its really that easy!  It just requires some time and effort to practice using the Yi!
Try this for a while, a little each day.  A few minutes is enough at first.  When your mind can no longer focus, take a break, and come back to it later…
IMPORTANT – If you do not feel this pulsing right away, don’t worry or give up too fast.  Continue to practice – it WILL come!
If you have any questions or find some difficulty, please feel free to contact me here or by email at chenti@mac.com.

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