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August 1, 2015
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Chen Xin (1849 – 1929)

Chen Xin (1849 – 1929)

Chen Xin, alternate name Pinsan, was a sixteenth generation member of the Chen Family.  He was one of the most famous Taiji theorists in recent history.  He started learning Taijiquan from his father at a young age, and had a good grasp of Taiji theory.

Recording Taiji Theory

Chen Xin felt that it was inadequate that Taijiquan theory was only passed on orally, and thus began to record Taiji theory in written form.  He authored one of the most authoritative and comprehensive books on Chen Style Taijiquan known as A Pictorial Explanation of Chen Style Taijiquan.

Chen Xin began to write his book in the 34th year of the Emperor Ziguan (1908) of the Qing Dynasty.  He did not complete the book until the 8th year of the National Republic of China (1919).  He painstakingly wrote every word himself throughout the course of 20 years.  The book was divided into four sections and contained more than 30.000 words.  “Contained in this book are the explanation of the theories, the changes in yin and yang, and theories in human biology and meridians.  It is the foundation for all who wish to enter the gates of Taijiquan.  The generations of knowledge and research of the Chen Village are contained herein”.  This book was the life creation of Chen Xin and one of the most systematic books on the subject of Taijiquan.

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