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July 23, 2015
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Chen Wangting Creator of Taijiquan

Chen Wangting Creator of Taijiquan

Chen Wangting (1600-1680) also known as Qingting.  According to the records of Wen Prefecture, Chen Wangting was very skilled in the martial arts, and well versed in history and other various fields of academic study.  It was said he was a very talented man born at the wrong time with no place to apply his talents.  As a result, he spent most of his time in Chen Village researching martial arts, leading a life of seclusion.

Young Chen Wangting : Bodyguard and Practical Application

When Chen Wangting was young, he was often a bodyguard moving goods to Shandong, fending off  thousands of bandits, such that when bandits heard his name, they would cower in fear.  Because he lived in an era where the Qing Dynasty was conquering the Ming Dynasty, there was mass social upheaval throughout the country.

Chen Wangting’s Later Years:  Martial Art Research

Chen Wangting, having not fulfilled any important life goals, decided to return to Chen Village in his later years to focus his research of the various styles of Chinese martial arts.  He took the best from each style and began his first step into the creation of a style all his own.  Below is a quote of his that captured his feelings at the time.  “Thinking of the past clad in armor, fending off bandits.  Several times danger stared me in the eyes, but through the blessings of the gods, I managed to survive.  Today in my old age, I have with me only a scroll titled Huangting.  So when bored, I practice martial arts.  When busy, I tend to my land.  And if free, I teach my sons and grandsons martial arts, hoping they may become dragons and tigers of the future.”

Creation of Taijiquan

Chen Wangting, using his family martial art as the base, incorporated the philosophies of Yin and Yang, Chinese medical theory, and Daoist breathing methods, to create the completey new and unique martial art of Taijiquan.  Afterwards, Chen Wangting incorporated these same principles in the practice of different kinds of weapons.  He developed forms for the broadsword, straight sword, spear, staff, mace, two person pushing hand, and two person spear.  The taiji form and the two person push hand form created by Chen Wangting are milestone developments in the history of Chinese martial arts.

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