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July 26, 2015
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Chen Changxing (1771 – 1853)

Chen Changxing (1771 – 1853)

Chen Changxing (1771 – 1853) with an alternative name Yunting, was a 14th generation member of the Chen Family.  He authored the following books:

  • The Taijiquan Manual on Practical Combat
  • The Ten Primary Theories of Taijiquan
  • The Important Elements of Taijiquan in Combat

Creator of Modern Chen Style Forms

Using the foundation of the ancestral Chen Family Taijiquan, Chen Changxing further synthesized the forms and created the modern forms practiced today known as First Form (Yilu) and Second Form (Erlu), aka Cannon Fist (Paochui).  His system of the ancestral art came to be known as Chen Style Taijiquan Old Frame (Laojia).

About the Life of Chen Changxing

Chen Changxing was a bodyguard by trade and often made trips to Shandong Province.  He defeated many bandits and had a reputable name in martial art circles.  In the latter part of his life, he started a martial arts school in the house of Chen Dehu, teaching the villagers martial arts.

Teacher of Yang Luchan, Founder of Yang Style Taijiquan

During this time, there was a man named Yang Luchan working as a laborer in Chen Dehu’s household.  He was very interested in learning Chen Family Taijiquan, but family traditions stated that Chen Family Taijiquan was not to be transmitted outside of the Chen Family.  As a result, Yang Luchan would secretly spy on Chen Changxing and try to practice on his own.  He was later discovered by Chen Changxing who was touched by Yang’s ambition and devotion, and felt sympathy for him.  Chen then broke the ancestral family tradition and decided to teach him Taijiquan.  In total, Yang Luchan studied Taijiquan 18 years and got the essence of Taijiquan.  He later founded his own style known as Yang Style Taijiquan.

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