"Dr. Bob Bacher has a very profound knowledge both of health care and the art of tai chi that is rarely found today. His vast experience enables him to teach in a very individual (unique) way and at the same time to keep it simple. His dedication to the art and his authentic attitude regarding a healthy lifestyle gets students really enthusiastic about the subject of learning and using tai chi. He has the great ability to further the learning process of students in a perfect way while having fun at the same time!"

Dr. Ernst Papperger
Physician for Psychosomatic Medicine and Traditional Chinese Medicine
Rosenheim, Germany

"Tai Chi has given me the means to deal with the stress in my life like nothing else I have ever encountered. As a government employee, I deal with considerable stress on a daily basis and tai chi allows me to nullify the effects of the stress by quieting my mind and calming my nervous system. My mind could be racing with the thoughts of a stressful day but once I focus and begin to do the form, I immediately begin to feel the quieting effects of the practice of tai chi and when I am done with the form, I am once again in the space of quite calm, absent of the effects of the stress of the day. My ability to now sense tension in my body and release that tension in the practice of the form has allowed me to alleviate the cumulative effects of stress that I used to experience, headaches, low back  pain and constant digestive issues, effects that no medication ever had on me.

Dr. Bob Bacher has been my instructor for nearly 5 years and I continually thank my lucky stars for having found him to study tai chi with. I have studied with multiple instructors, for years at a time and taken workshops with “Tai Chi Masters” who never demonstrated the skill level that Dr. Bacher has shown me, let alone be able to explain and teach. Dr. Bob lives a modest life devoted to the study and teaching of tai chi and consequently has developed knowledge and skill rarely seen outside of China. His devotion led him to study directly under Master Wang Xi'an in China, the highest skilled master of tai chi that can be found anywhere. As such, his knowledge and ability are comparable to a renowned orchestra conductor, who’s study of his art allows him to combine theory and practice to achieve remarkable results. Those results can be experienced by anyone willing to spend time in earnest practice of tai chi.

Dr. Bacher has given me what no other teacher has, the knowledge and theory to practice on my own and have a lifetime of study, which allows me to deepen my own understanding of the internal art and benefit from the health effects that such practice affords me. From other instructors I learned forms. From Dr. Bob I learned the internal art that I had wanted to learn since I started to practice tai chi more than 25 years ago. I recommend to any serious practitioner of tai chi that you give yourself the experience of studying with Dr. Bob Bacher, the most passionate and devoted practitioner of this profound internal martial art that I have ever come across."

Joe Mahoney
Sunrise, FL

"As luck would have it, I met Dr. Bob Bacher while traveling in Costa Rica. He introduced me to the amazing art of tai chi. I say amazing, because the more I learn about tai chi the more impressed I become with this art - it's history, and it's ability to be used as a healing tool for life. Tai chi is a very un-assuming and impressive martial art that can empower women or anyone willing to spend a little time learning it. Dr. Bacher's book is no doubt a great start to Tai Chi. Also, In my opinion, there is no one outside of the few great Chinese Tai Chi masters still alive, that has the experience and knowledge like Dr. Bob. He has attained this mastery through his extensive studying and years of daily practice!"

Rey Serna
Professional Photographer
Seattle, Washington

"As a personal trainer with a very diverse clientele, I can say that the tai chi skills I have learned from Dr. Bob Bacher have been essential in taking my clients to the next in their health. Whether it’s in the power of intention, balance, or simple mechanics of movement, I often refer to my tai chi training. In addition, as a body builder, the skills I have cultivated thus far have helped tremendously with mind to muscle connection, intensity, focus, and posing in competitions."

Jason Aguila, 27
Personal Trainer and Bodybuilder
Miami, Florida

"Due to the fact that I ran and operated a hair dressing salon for 33 years, I had chronic pain in my lower back and between my shoulder blades. My husband and I belonged to a Tai Chi Club in our home town for many years. We loved our tai chi meetings and made many friends through tai chi.

We began doing research and with luck we found Dr. Bob Bacher. We invited him to teach in our home town.
This turned out to be one of the best things our club ever did! Dr. Bacher explained tai chi in a way we all could understand and taught us many new ways to release tension and direct the flow of Qi.
After Dr. Bacher’s visit and teaching in our home town, we decided to make a trip to Costa Rica to learn from Dr. Bob. We were not disappointed! In a short time, Dr. Bob pointed out to me structural misalignments which I had done so long that I thought it was normal to move that way. I will be eternally grateful to you Dr. Bacher!"

Sheena Russell
Retired Hairdresser
Miramichi, New Brunswick, Canada