12 Reasons to Do Tai Chi

This is a list of some reasons to do tai chi. 

For now, just know that when you learn tai chi properly and practice regularly,  these benefits will manifest, and you will feel great! And they come quickly, don’t need years to feel.

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Tai Chi greatly improves your balance – physically, mentally, and emotionally

Just the Nature of tai chi movement already improves your physical balance. Slow, deliberate stepping in all directions while keeping centered builds your awareness and ability of the importance of posture and balance.

Your mind must focus deeply to execute the movements correctly, smoothly, and gracefully. This builds strong concentration skills that you can apply to all aspects of your life.

The flowing nature of tai chi movements affects your emotions, slowing down the thinking process, and addressing highs and lows, you will feel more balanced emotionally.

Tai Chi perfectly aligns your body in harmony with gravity

There is great emphasis from your first tai chi lesson to align each part of your body with every other part, and always with the goal of direct alignment with gravity. The benefits you will feel from this are much higher energy level (because you are not struggling against the effects of gravity). You will also notice that your movements seem more rooted and stable, while at the same time your steps will feel light as a feather.

Tai Chi reverses the symptoms of the “normal” aging process

A lot of this has to do with the previous reason regarding alignment with gravity. This reduces the stress especially on your weight bearing joints (spine, hips, knees, ankles). You will feel higher energy and a reduction of chronic pain and illnesses. You will find that people in your age group seem much older than you, and you may find it difficult to engage in normal conversation with then because they are always complaining about health problems, diseases, and pain.

Tai Chi teaches you how to “let go” of tension – how to deeply relax your body and mind

Possibly the greatest lesson you will learn from tai chi is that you can consciously let go of chronic tension just by focusing your mind on the area in question. With a little practice, you will get really good at this and you can kiss all that tension good bye forever!

Tai Chi cultivates a clear pure mind

Once again, during practice, your mind is fully engaged with posture, breathing, where to step and how to extend or retract your arms, and memorizing the sequence of movements. This automatically slows down your busy mind, and in a short time you will find that your mind reaches a state of purity and clarity that you never imagined.

Tai Chi develops self discipline, self respect, self confidence, and self control

Tai Chi martial art training causes a major transformation in how you think, feel, and move, and you develop a confidence and self control that is unshakable. Through this process, you develop much more respect for yourself and others.

Tai Chi strengthens your immune system, and cures and prevents chronic diseases

Another major benefit you will acquire through tai chi practice is a strong healthy immune system. Tai chi movements allow your chi (vital energy) to flow smoothly and reach every part of your body. This increases your immunity to infections and diseases. You will notice a lot less sick days filled with high energy.

Tai Chi soothes your nerves

The Nature of tai chi movements automatically causes a deep sense of relaxation, leading to a calm mind and ease of movement.

Tai Chi teaches powerful mental concentration

The concentration that you develop during tai chi practice which allows you to stay focused on every detail and at the same time maintain complete relaxation, will carry over into your daily life activities. Any task that comes along will seem really easy to accomplish.

Tai Chi improves the quality and length of your life in many ways

From the list above you can see that the quality of life greatly improves, and you will most certainly enjoy a long healthy happy life.

Tai Chi teaches self defense by cooperation rather than competition

When faced with a situation in which you may need to defend yourself, you will find there is no struggle with another’s force. You will learn to neutralize an incoming force with softness and spiral motion (silk reeling).

Tai Chi builds life long health from the inside out

From the first moment  doing tai chi, you focus on deeply relaxing your entire being – body, mind, and soul. Your health builds slowly and steadily and you will accumulate vibrant health. This is always the key to health: that it comes from inside rather than a pill or treatment from the outside.

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