Book your Chen Style Taichi Retreat in Costa Rica

Your personalized taichi retreat includes 6 days taichi training with two 90 minute classes per day and 7 nights lodging at Cabinas Las Gemelas.

You will learn original Chen Family Taichi in direct lineage to Grandmaster Wang Xi’an, including:

  • TAICHI BASICS – Our complete 6 Part Basic Training program
  • TAICHI FORM – Laojia Yilu (Old Frame First Routine), the original 75 posture solo routine that defines the basis of Chen taichi.
  • TAICHI MASTERY – Form corrections & applications for self defense through partner training exercises and Push Hands.

We accept up to 6 students each week (shared lodging), and our retreats are year round. You learn at the pace that is perfect for you!

Cost per person for our one week taichi retreat is $999 US.

Training schedule is as follows:

  • Arrive, check in Sunday PM
  • Monday thru Saturday daily taichi training each morning and afternoon
  • Sunday check out at noon

You can also book hourly private classes by appointment.

For information on our courses and to book events and retreats, please contact us at:


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Learn Chen Style Taichi in Your Hometown

Contact us for details how to host a taichi workshop in your community.


A Message from Dr. Bacher

Since 1969 I have dedicated my full time to the practice, study, and teaching of martial arts and natural health. My intention is to share the original principles and training methods of Chen style tai chi for health, healing, self defense, and long life.

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Interview with Dr. Bacher