Whether you are a complete beginner in tai chi or a long time practitioner...

Our tai chi training program will build your self confidence, heal and prevent sickness, and cultivate vibrant health for life.

Tai Chi Immersions in Costa Rica

Reconnect with Nature and focus on cultivating a deep and transformational Tai Chi practice.

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tai chi basics course

Tai Chi Basics Course

Make your body strong and healthy, to establish a solid foundation with the tai chi basic exercises, and to prepare you for your next step which is learning the tai chi solo routine.

chen tai chi form online course

Tai Chi Form Course

The Tai chi Form emphasizes the careful memorization of the traditional Chen style Laojia Yilu (Old Frame First Routine), in the lineage of Grandmaster Wang Xi’an. This solo routine forms the basis for Chen style tai chi.

wuji tai chi course

Wuji Standing Method

Wuji can be traced back to ancient times as a form of core training for martial arts. This simple standing practice unleashes the power of your mind to heal chronic pain, improve your health, increase energy, and cultivate...

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May 1, 2024

The Tai Chi Nervous System Connection In this article we will discuss the relationship between tai chi and your nervous system. First we must define what is the nervous system and explain its function. The Nervous System: Definition and Function The human nervous system controls all of the other systems in our body. This takes

The Tai Chi Nervous System Connection

January 19, 2024

Tai Chi Balance 5 Yin 5 Yang Tai Chi is defined as the balance of 5 Yin and 5 Yang. It can be explained by the following: 10 Yang  0 Yin When you begin to learn tai chi, you are 10 parts yang and 0 parts yin. This means that your body is very hard,

Tai Chi Balance 5 Yin 5 Yang

December 10, 2023

A list of reasons to do tai chi. Just practice and you will manifest these benefits, and much more!

12 Reasons to Do Tai Chi

About Dr. Bob Bacher

At fifteen, I fell in love with Health and Martial Arts. Since then, both of these subjects have deeply influenced my life.

Martial Arts eventually took me to Chen Family Village, China (the historical birthplace of tai chi) to study with the 19th generation lineage Grandmaster Wang Xi'an. After years of intensive training he gave me his blessing to teach Chen style tai chi in the West.

I practice and teach tai chi and healthy living every day with the same enthusiasm and joy as the day I started. These are extraordinary tools to reverse and eliminate chronic disease and pain, build lifelong vibrant health, and cultivate peace of mind.

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