What is Tai Chi Long Life?

Tai Chi Long Life is a new concept in health care that is designed to cultivate radiant health, prevent disease, and heal chronic pain naturally.

Tai Chi Long Life is a self healing system in which you dictate the quality and quantity of your health through the manifestation of positive thinking, meditation, daily tai chi training, eating a plant based whole food diet, and protecting, preserving, and cherishing our natural environment.

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Tai Chi Long Life Center

Tai Chi Long Life Center offers private one on one and group retreats in a breathtaking oceanfront setting in Costa Rica.

Discover the wonderful lifetime benefits of original Chen style tai chi for health and self defense while you immerse yourself in pristine tropical paradise.

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Tai Chi Long Life in Your Community

Start a Tai Chi Long Life Meetup Group in your hometown community.

Host a workshop with Dr. Bacher and help share the wonderful benefits of his Tai Chi Long Life Health System.

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A Message from Dr. Bob Bacher

Since 1969 I have dedicated my life full time to the practice, study, and teaching of martial arts and natural health care. This is the basis for my Tai Chi Long Life Health System.

My intention is to share Tai Chi Long Life’s wonderful benefits with you for health, self healing, self defense, and longevity.

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Sunset Tai Chi – Pavones, Costa Rica

“Dr. Bacher has a very profound knowledge of health care and tai chi. His clear detailed teaching, dedication to the art, and healthy lifestyle get students really enthusiastic to learn tai chi.”
Dr. Ernst Papperger

Rosenheim, Germany
“Dr. Bacher has knowledge and skill rarely seen outside of China. He is the most passionate and devoted practitioner and teacher of tai chi I have ever met.”
Joe Mahoney

Sunrise, FL
“No one outside of  China has the experience and knowledge like Dr. Bacher. His mastery is the result of many years of extensive study and daily practice!”
Rey Serna

Professional Photographer, Seattle, Washington
“The tai chi skills I learned from Dr. Bacher have helped tremendously with mind to muscle connection, intensity, focus, and posing in competitions.”
Jason Aguila

Personal Trainer and Bodybuilder, Miami, FloridaI
“I had chronic back pain for many years.  Dr. Bacher helped me tremendously with improper structural alignments that I thought were normal.  I will be eternally grateful to him!”
Sheena Russell

Retired Hairdresser, Miramichi, New Brunswick, Canada