Learn Taichi with our 3 Step Online Program:

1. Taichi Basics (24 Videos)

  1. HOW TO STAND – align your body with gravity to relax and conserve energy
  2. HOW TO BREATHE – energize your whole body for vibrant health and well being
  3. HOW TO LOOSEN UP – loosen up muscles & joints, increase circulation, heal pain & injuries, and reverse aging
  4. HOW TO SILK REEL – whole body spiral movements – the healthiest & smartest way to exercise your body
  5. HOW TO STRETCH YOUR BACK – the BEST EXERCISE to heal & prevent back pain for life
  6. HOW TO STAND QUIETLY – cultivate stillness and total relaxation of body and mind2


2. Taichi Form

You will learn Laojia Yilu (Old Frame First Routine) in the tradition of Grandmaster Wang Xi’an.  This 75 movement form is the basis for Chen style taichi, and the origin of all other major taichi styles.

Form Part 1 – Movements 1 – 16 (16 Videos)

Form Part 2 – Movements 17 – 27 (13 Videos)


3. Taichi Push Hands

You will learn partner training exercises to cultivate softness, sensitivity, agility, neutralizing skills, and whole body power.  Push Hands is a way to practice and test self defense techniques without injury.

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Discover Taichi in Costa Rica Paradise!

Includes 6 days training with two 90 minute classes per day and 7 nights lodging at Cabinas Las Gemelas in Pavones, Costa Rica. New course begins every Monday year round. Cost is $999US.
Contact us with your proposed training dates. We will respond within 24 hours to confirm availability, with complete details how to book your tai chi course, travel information, etc.


Learn Chen Style Taichi in Your Hometown

Contact us for details how to host a taichi workshop in your community.


A Message from Dr. Bacher

Since 1969 I have dedicated my full time to the practice, study, and teaching of martial arts and natural health. My intention is to share the original principles and training methods of Chen style tai chi for health, healing, self defense, and long life.

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Interview with Dr. Bacher