Taichi Retreats in Costa Rica and Pacific Northwest USA

I am very happy to announce that the same personalized taichi retreat program I have been offering in Costa Rica for the last 20 years is now available in the magnificent Pacific Northwest USA.

The Pacific Northwest offers awe inspiring natural beauty, from the majestic redwood forests to the Pacific Ocean… a perfect setting to immerse yourself in the practice of this ancient internal martial art!

Now you can choose from two locations based on which is more convenient for you, and book a week or more of daily taichi training.

Come alone or bring your own private group. We will design the perfect taichi training program for you!

For information on our courses and to book your retreat please contact us at:  taichilifecenter@icloud.com

I look forward to welcome you to one of our beautiful retreat locations and share a great taichi adventure!

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Learn Chen Style Taichi in Your Hometown

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A Message from Dr. Bacher

Since 1969 I have dedicated my full time to the practice, study, and teaching of martial arts and natural health. My intention is to share the original principles and training methods of Chen style tai chi for health, healing, self defense, and long life.

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